I invented Cheetos Bag of Bones and all I got was this portfolio piece. And a rad TV commercial, a shout-out on GMA and an online frenzy of coupon moms trying to buy them. But all jokes aside, I pitched Cheetos the idea of white cheddar skeleton-shaped Cheetos. Frito-Lay loved the idea and put it into product rotation.

And so Bag of Bones was born. This very real and tasty product sold out weeks before Halloween, got talked about on Good Morning America and even sold for $30 a bag on eBay. Its launch was supported with a super scary spot that you can see below. You can even buy your own bag this coming Halloween. 


Original sketch of product


Composite and final packaging



It's alive! My creation is alive! But more importantly, it's delicious. 


In the TV spot to launch the product, Chester Cheetah learns that picking up a hitchhiker might not be a great idea. But Cheetos Bag of Bones might be the best idea ever.